Sunday, April 12, 2009

Honesty IS the best policy

Had a date yesterday with "farmer" - every guy I interact with gets a nickname. My BFF (a guy actually) can't remember names so I have to give them nicknames...we've had camaro, farmer, GED, 2nd shift, construction guy, inappropriate guy, quiet guy, comic book guy, fanny pack, etc... It's a long list...

Anyway - had a date with "farmer" and while extremely nice and sweet - he just wasn't for me. He's 44 and he's all of 44. I'm 35 and feel/act 28. He had the combover and some other things that just weren't for me. His kids are in high school. Etc...

But - he'd brought me flowers, been completely appropriate, paid for the date, etc... all very good qualities.

So - how to dump him? I decided to be honest...why?

Let me go back briefly and tell you about GED. We had one date - went great. We spoke a few times - went great. Made plans for a 2nd date - great! Then the night before he emails and tells me he can't go out because his roommate can't pay his 1/2 of the rent so he's broke for a while. I email him back and say I'll pay for the movie (I make 3X what he makes) or we can do something that is free. He says "thanks but..." Now that's clearly a blow off - for some reason - he changed his mind.

So why not just freakin tell me that?

That said - I decided to be honest with farmer. I told him that he was very sweet and nice but we were at different places in our lives and he was a bit too old for me at this point. would farmer take it?

GREAT! He said he understood and figured as much. He then said if I know any women older than me to feel free to send them his way and that he'd do the same.

WOW - you mean - two adults could be honest and it would work out okay?!

That made my day...well that and the video of the lady on Britain's Got Talent!