Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a Small World After All

There I am, chatting it up with Second Shift - I "met" him on CraigsList (the Big Lots of the internet dating world) a couple of months ago. We have never met but have spoken and texted and emailed numerous times.

Well - he's popped back up - because I had never met him but he'd never really done anything to screw it up - yet - I decided to talk to him for a bit. He's a nice guy and pretty fun to talk to.

So we're chatting about work he used to do and I mention that my BFF is also in this line of work. Then I mention BFFs brother. Second Shift then says their last name! Now I'd never mentioned this to him - how did he know???

Turns out - he used to work with them.

Wow - Cincinnati is a small damn world. I find some random westsider on CraigsList and he knows my best friend?? WTF!

Well - still haven't met him but I am hoping that we get together. He used to be a wrestler in high school and I was a wrestling I dig that.

The quest continues...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The tale of the country mouse and the city mouse

Well I had two dates a couple weeks ago - and they were both fine and nice.

One was country mouse. Very nice and sweet - but as my friend just said - nice guys aren't always what a girl wants.

He is very sweet but just no edge and not much of a personality.

The other - well not exactly city mouse - but moreso than country mouse. Nice guy - but looks like someone I just don't want a boyfriend to look like. It's silly - but if it's not there - it's not there.

So here I am - back to square one. That's fine...I don't mind. I think I'm too busy right now anyway.

If someone drops in my lap - great - if not - oh well... God knows I've tried actively for so long that maybe the passive approach is what I need.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Why can't I have crazy chemistry with the guys actually interested in me?

Why am I still attracted to the dude with 9 dead animals in his living room?

Why does one guy have the physical appeal and the other have the mental appeal?

Anybody? Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...

Friday, May 8, 2009

A date and a possible...wish me luck!

So this weekend I have a date! Yes - a real live date! Let's call this one "duke" - he works for a certain company - I'm not very creative with nicknames right now.

"Duke" is smart, funny and a little quirky - sounds right up my alley. We're going to the Clifton Homes Tour (won free tickets from Kate!) and then dinner.

Dates never go well for me - so I don't expect much. I'm not really that excited...I mean - I'm looking forward to it and I hope it goes well but I'm not giddy like a school girl. I think the last few attempts have deflated my balloon a little.

Oye - I just realized - I'm going to have to figure out what to wear? Crap! I hate that part. It's a fine line between "she seems to have a nice rack" and "let me stick a dollar in 'em" - I never know which side to stand on.

There's also another possibility - "mechanic". It's been an odd go with him...He asked me to talk to his sister on the phone first - yes - long story. I thought it went well but haven't heard from him since Wednesday. I know...I know...patience is a...virtue. I'm just not good with patience or virtues.

So - if there are any love Gods out there that feel like reading some blogs - throw some good mojo my way.

But...if it fails...I guess I'll have another good date story to tell you all on Monday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why do guys take FOREVER?

A couple of months ago I met three guys within a couple of weeks - they all seemed to be promising at some level. From left to right: quiet guy, inappropriate guy and comic book guy.

This isn't meant to call any of them out - it's just a classification and a nickname to make this story easier to tell.

So quiet guy - met him at a bar - seemed nice - we chatted that evening and found each other shortly thereafter in the social media universe. He proceeded to contact me through said social media by responding to things I'd said, etc... for a few weeks. BUT never asked me out! I finally gave up!

Then inappropriate guy - oye - he was inappropriate - but we won't get into that. Met him at a bar (wow - realizing I met them all at bars) but this was a friend introduction. Funny guy we kinda hit it off. We chatted online pretty much daily. BUT he never asked me out! I finally gave up!

Actually with IG - I confronted him - turns out he has some issues and wanted to get to know me first - online. Isn't that what dating is for???? To get to know me?

Lastly - comic book guy. Again - met him at a bar through a friend. Very nice guy - talked online and on the phone on a regular basis. BUT he never asked me out! I finally gave up!

So what is it? I mean - it very well could be "he's just not that into me" - I did see the movie. Or are guys in 2009 just waiting for us to make the first move????

Any thoughts?