Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just have to vent about dating...I don't understand it all. I mean you like a guy - you show interest - they show interest - you plan something and then - they bail. They give you a reason - but you know - I'm just not buying it. I'm sorry - I've been burned too many times - I am 99.9% sure that noise I hear is the sound of smoke being blown up my ass.

So why? Why play the little games? Why is it we can't just be honest and say "you don't do it for me" and move on?

Why did the ex that broke my heart not just say "hey - going back to the cheating whore - sorry"? (She has a name - it's Stephanie - but not to me. In my book - she's "the cheating whore" - thanks to my friend Nicole for giving her that nickname.)

I'm just as guilty though!

Why didn't I tell "camaro" that he had 11 red flags in 2 dates and that was just too many! How can someone have 11 red flags in 2 dates? Here's how:

First he’s from Hamilton – RED FLAG (count with me) - he picked me up in a 95 camaro – RED FLAG. Then he told me his dad was a murderer and his mom was a crack whore – RED FLAG. Then he told me he used to be addicted to cocaine – RED FLAG. Then on our second date (not joking) – he again picked me up in the camaro – RED FLAG. On the way to our date he told me he swindles the gov’t so he doesn’t have to pay taxes – RED FLAG. Then he stopped to get gas and only put in $6 – RED FLAG. Then when we got to the casino – RED FLAG – he played one slot machine all night – RED FLAG – and talked to it – RED FLAG. Oh and the final straw – when he paid for the buffet at the casino with a coupon. RED FLAG

So there you have it - why are we all douchebags? Why can't we just be honest?