Monday, May 4, 2009

Why do guys take FOREVER?

A couple of months ago I met three guys within a couple of weeks - they all seemed to be promising at some level. From left to right: quiet guy, inappropriate guy and comic book guy.

This isn't meant to call any of them out - it's just a classification and a nickname to make this story easier to tell.

So quiet guy - met him at a bar - seemed nice - we chatted that evening and found each other shortly thereafter in the social media universe. He proceeded to contact me through said social media by responding to things I'd said, etc... for a few weeks. BUT never asked me out! I finally gave up!

Then inappropriate guy - oye - he was inappropriate - but we won't get into that. Met him at a bar (wow - realizing I met them all at bars) but this was a friend introduction. Funny guy we kinda hit it off. We chatted online pretty much daily. BUT he never asked me out! I finally gave up!

Actually with IG - I confronted him - turns out he has some issues and wanted to get to know me first - online. Isn't that what dating is for???? To get to know me?

Lastly - comic book guy. Again - met him at a bar through a friend. Very nice guy - talked online and on the phone on a regular basis. BUT he never asked me out! I finally gave up!

So what is it? I mean - it very well could be "he's just not that into me" - I did see the movie. Or are guys in 2009 just waiting for us to make the first move????

Any thoughts?