Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a Small World After All

There I am, chatting it up with Second Shift - I "met" him on CraigsList (the Big Lots of the internet dating world) a couple of months ago. We have never met but have spoken and texted and emailed numerous times.

Well - he's popped back up - because I had never met him but he'd never really done anything to screw it up - yet - I decided to talk to him for a bit. He's a nice guy and pretty fun to talk to.

So we're chatting about work he used to do and I mention that my BFF is also in this line of work. Then I mention BFFs brother. Second Shift then says their last name! Now I'd never mentioned this to him - how did he know???

Turns out - he used to work with them.

Wow - Cincinnati is a small damn world. I find some random westsider on CraigsList and he knows my best friend?? WTF!

Well - still haven't met him but I am hoping that we get together. He used to be a wrestler in high school and I was a wrestling I dig that.

The quest continues...