Friday, June 19, 2009

Bottom you know yours?

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the last post...and then my friend Simone (I say friend - but she's in NYC and I'm in OH and we've never met - but she's my twitter/blog friend) wrote a blog about her "list".

It was kizmit! My therapist has been discussing my "bottom lines" for weeks - and now Simone writes about hers! It makes sense now!

So what's a "bottom line"? Just what you think it is - it's something that's a necessary from the dude that I want to be with.

Simone's are fantastic but they aren't for me - but that's just it - we all have our own set of "bottom lines". So what are mine? I'm not really sure I have them all yet - but here's a start:

1. He must like cats. I have them and they're not going anywhere. I don't have 2 - I don't have 15 - we'll leave it at that. But I love them. I'll love him more - I promise.

2. He must be flexible and fun. In a weekend I can go from watching a movie on the couch to the gym to a family party to a Bengals game to yard work and back to the couch - all in one weekend. I need someone that can roll with the punches. I'll do the same for them - trust me.
3. He's gotta like my, LOVE my quirks. I'm goofy, I drive a big yellow truck, I'm loud, I'm silly, I'm over-exuberant. I don't want someone to put up with these things - I want someone to LOVE these things!

4. He must be a somewhat touchy-feely guy. If he is uncomfortable showing a little PDA - it won't work. I'm not going to do him on a bar stool (well probably not) but he needs to be comfortable with holding hands, hugging, etc outside the confines of the home.

5. He has to have a drive for something career-wise. I don't care what someone does or how much money they make - at all. I do care that they want to be a success and have ambition. I have it and it's very important to me and thus I think it should be important to the one. Again - the career doesn't matter - it's drive.

6. He has to make me laugh. This is non-negotiable - I don't need a comedian but I do need someone that can bring me to tears in a good way.

7. He has to appreciate all 360-degrees of me. This is for the Dr... Most people live in a small window of their personality. They only use a little bit of themselves. I want to be a 360-degree person. I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm fun, I'm mellow, I'm all different things at different times and in different situations. I'm not suffering from multiple personality disorder - but I don't want to be pigeon-holed into being "the funny girl". There's actually a serious side to me that he will appreciate.

8. Good sex. I stole that from Simone's list...hell yeah. But describing that is a little too personal - even for my blog!

9. I had to go back in and add this - can't believe I forgot it! He needs a big neck. Don't know why but that's hot.

So wow - maybe I do know my bottom lines better than I thought I did. And maybe (most likely) this list will change.

Do you know your bottom lines? Have you even thought about them? (I hadn't.)

Thanks Simone! (And you too Doc.)