Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Someone new...still same old Heather

A new guy popped up quickly on Match...we'll call him SingleCrown (has to do with where he lives but we'll leave it at that). Jobless has dropped off - which is fine - he was only 5'8" - and had no job...what do I care.

So back to SingleCrown - admirably he popped up on Match and within two emails - we were on a date! Now I have to give him credit - the date was after I had boot camp (so I was sweaty), at a gay bar and listening to me do comedy. So props to him for even thinking he could hang!

After the comedy, we went out for a bite and had a great date. He's smart, funny, interesting, gentlemanly and hot. Did I mention - hot? Oye! HOT! And - a really great kisser. (Yeah yeah yeah - what can I say? Clothes were unmoved so it's progress.)

He called this morning to say good morning, played a trick on me (very cute) and then called me this afternoon...and said he was going to call later.

All sounds fab right? Well note the said in that last sentence.

Here's where my mental issues come into play...thank goodness I have my therapy appt tomorrow!

He didn't call tonight.

Now there are a million reasons why that may be. I know.

He called twice today - the day after. I know.

Still my brain goes into overdrive. But I'm trying to keep my cool and not freak out. He might have fallen asleep with the kids, he might have gotten busy, he might have been abducted by aliens. "Later" might have meant later tomorrow?

But we'll see.

The bigger issue for me is - why do I freak out? I'm not freaked out - I'm really not - yet.

No call tomorrow - then I'll be photoshopping the fuck out of the picture.

Devil horns, lipstick, black teeth, I'll go to town with my craptastic photoshop knowledge. Who am I kidding? I can't use photoshop - it'll be powerpoint tools.

So I'm a freak. I panic. I go all in from moment one.

But I'm trying...

Ah and people wonder why I go to therapy.