Friday, June 12, 2009

Is it mandatory that if it has a penis, it must confuse me?

I just don't understand dudes...I don't think I ever will. Today's post will cover a few odd things about why the things attached to peni (plural for penis) perplex me.

1. Why do they email you if they don't want to get together? I've had probably 6 guys in the last 6 months that email, call, get to know me, make plans and then cancel the day of and never actually get together. WTF is up with that? Guys - if you don't want to meet a girl - don't email her! (Yes Second Shift - I'm talking to you!)

2. How long do we have to email before meeting? I've had too many guys that go on the email wagon for weeks and then we finally meet and the chemistry isn't there and I feel like I wasted that time. Jobless is still emailing me and that's all going along fine...but there have been like 6 emails back and forth each way - let's meet already!

3. Do guys even look at the pictures they post? This guy might be really nice - but that hair?
Oye! I know - I'm a bitch - I'm not going to meet a guy because of his hair. But I don't want a flowbee in my home!

Any answers?